The following Sale conditions regulate all deals made through www.sogninelcassettiitaly.it. All purchase contracts concluded through the above mentioned website and according to the procedures stated herein, between the Customer and the Seller (hereinafter called ''Sogni nel Cassetto srl'' ) are regulated by the following General Terms and Conditions.


1. Customer can buy all products shown in the electronic catalogue visible into web site : www.sogninelcassettoitaly.it.
All the information about the products shown in our catalogue strictly follow the descriptions taken from its suppliers. Sogni nel cassetto srl has the right to change these information and upgrade them in accordance with its suppliers' information. All the pictures in Sogni nel Cassetto srl website cannot precisely be rappresentative of the products and they could partially differ in colours, dimensions and product accessories.

2.The acknowledgement that a correct order has been received, will be confirmed by Sogni nel Cassetto srl by an email, which will be sent to the email address given by Customer . The email confirming the order will report : date and time of the order, the order's number, the product details, the delivery address and the payment method. The Customer has to check all details and inform immediately Sogni nel Cassetto srl by email or by phone if any discrepancy or mistake have been found.

The Customer can also check the order status inside its website account in “ My Orders”.

3.All the prices in the website are IVA ( VAT) inclusive. Sogni nel cassetto srl has the right to modify these prices at any time, without any notice.

4, Customer has no right to request a compensation or to be indemnified, as well as any contractual or non-contractual liability for any direct or undirect damage resulting from non-acceptance, even partial , of an order from Sogni nel cassetto srl.


1.Early bank transfer
In case of an order paid with an early bank transfer, the delivery of the product will be made only after the money is credited into the Sogni nel cassetto srl banking account that must be within 5 working days from the reception of the order. Passed this time the order will be automatically cancelled
The payment must report:
the order number stated in the email of order confirmation
the name and surname of the Customer.

2.Credit card
Sogni nel cassetto srl accept payments by Visa and Mastercard credit cards and PAYPAL method. Sogni nel Cassetto do dot register any credit card's detail. The service is guaranteed exclusively by Paypal.

3. Paypal
Paypal payments are acceptable by Sogni del Cassetto srl. In case payments are made through

Paypal, the Customer will be addressed to Paypal login at the end of order. The amount will be debited into Paypal account once order is taken.


It is forbidden to insert untrue and/or false data in the registration form which is required to proceed to the execution of the Customer's order and for further communication relating to Customer's order.
Customer personal information and e-mail must be true. Third party data or unreal personal data are forbidden.

Sogni nel Cassetto srl cannot be held responsible for fiscal errors or mistakes due to false and/or untrue information supplied by the Customer, who is the sole liable for the correctness of his own personal data.

Once on-line purchase procedure is concluded, Customer shall print and keep the present 'General Conditions' along with product details, which have been already understood and agreed by him on line being a compulsory step in purchase on-line site.

The guarantee of the payment made through Paypal is essential and Customer's non-fulfilment will determine the immediate cancellation of the sale contract without any further legal proceedings from both parties. However Sogni nel Cassetto srl shall have the right to take legal steps to protect their interests and recover for any damage arising out of or in connection with this contract.

TERMINATION CLAUSE (cancellation clause)
Sogni del Cassetto srl shall have the right at its sole discretion to immediately terminate the agreed Sale contract giving written notice to the Customer and to reimburse the amount already paid by Customer, without any further liability.


1. Delivery
Sogni nel cassetto srl shall accept shipment orders only from overseas countries at its own discretion. In particular Sogni nel Cassetto srl can execute orders for delivery in Italian territory and in European countries.

Sogni nel Cassetto srl shall not arrange shipments to Mail Boxes or to firms supplying domiciliation services.
Forwarding expenses are for Customer' s account. The cost of such expenses is clearly mentioned when order is made. Customer shall arrange the payment of the good according to the payment means chosen when good is ordered. No further costs or commission is due to Sogni nel Cassetto

Custom's fees, taxes and duties shall be paid by Customer when the good reaches the Recipient's country.

The delivery of the good is understood to be at street level. Upstairs delivery service is not granted.
Goods are shipped safely packed.
If good is delivered by courier, the Recipient shall make sure that the number of lots are the same as mentioned in the invoice and that packaging does not result damaged, damp or somehow in
bad conditions also in its sealing materials (such as tape or metal strappings).

Recipient must immediately make a complaint for any ascertained damage of good or for a different number of lots to the courier by writing '' RECIPIENT RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CONTROL'' on the Delivery Docket. Within 8 days from delivery, the Recipient shall send a written notice to courier as per address mentioned in the Delivery Docket by registered mail with return receipt. In case of damaged package, Recipient shall write ''Goods collected with reserve because the package is damaged ''.

Once the Delivery docket is signed by Recipient, Sogni nel Cassetto srl shall reject any claim lately presented by Customer.

In case good is found damaged, Recipient shall notify courier in writing by registered mail with return receipt to the address mentioned in the Delivery Docket, within 8 days from delivery date.

Any claim or complaint notified beyond the above mentioned time cannot be considered valid and will be rejected.

Customers are fully responsible for their statements and/or declaration.

If ordered goods are not collected by Customer, same will be kept into courier's warehouse for maximum 5 days. After 5 days, goods will be returned to Seller and Customer shall be charged for extra costs.

Delivery times vary according to destination. Usually 3 days are required for delivery in Italian territory, except for those goods for which a different delivery period has been agreed. However delivery time can change due to force majeur, traffic conditions and/or Authorities action and/or for reasons beyond the control of Sogni nel Cassetto srl. The delivery will be made from 09:00am upto 06:00 pm, Monday to Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays excluded.

Sogni nel Cassetto srl is not liable for any delay in the fullfilment of the order or in the delivery of the good.

2.Delivery costs
Sogni nel Cassetto srl arrange goods shipment by courier. Forwarding expenses are clearly mentioned when order is made.


1.Pursuant to Italian law '' art. 64 and segg, of Decreto Legislativo n. 206/2005'', if the Customer is a person and not a firm, (that is no V.A.T. Number reference is stated in the order slip of Sogni nel Cassetto srl), same has the right to withdraw the purchase for any reason, without any penalty. The right to withdraw cannot be granted to the firms or persons having a V.A.T. Number.

2.In order to excercise the right of withdrawal, Customer shall forward a written notice within 10 days from receipt of the good to Sogni nel Cassetto srl. Such notice shall be sent by e-mail to following address : sogninelcassettogenova@gmail.com or by registered mail addressed to :

Sogni ne Cassetto s.r.l.
Via Galata 79r
1121 Genova (GE)

3. Within 10 days from receipt , the customer shall arrange the return of the good.
Customer's right of withdrawal is strictly subject to the following conditions:
The right is applicable to the product bought in its entirety: it is not possible to use the right of withdrawal only for a part of the product bought ( one pillowcase, etc, etc).
The right of withdrawal is not applicable if the good is returned not intact, not complete in all of its parts or used. In this case Sogni nel cassetto srl will return back to the Customer the product bought, charging Customer with all the re-delivery costs.

If good is returned back to Sellers by the Customer, delivery costs shall be paid by Customer, and the shipment shall be carried out under his responsibility.
Shoud good be damaged during the delivery, Sogni nel cassetto srl will communicate the problem to the Customer within 5(five) working days, allowing Customer to to report the event to the delivery company.

Sogni nel cassetto srl will reimburse the amount paid to Customer within 10 days via credit card or bank money transfer. In the latter case the Customer must communicate his Bank details ( IBAN) to Seller, as soon as possible.


The Sale contract between the Customer and Sogni nel cassetto srl (the Seller) is settled in Italy and is governed by the Italian Law. In case of civil or penal disputes the local jurisdiction is regulated by the Genoa's Court ( Foro di Genova).

If any provision (or part therefo) of the Sale Contract is declared to be illegal, invalid or otherwise unenforceable by a Court of competent jurisdiction, the remainder of the Sale Contract (and of such provision) shall not be affected except to the extent necessary to delete such illegal, invalid or unenforceable provision (or part thereof).